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Wire stone cage network construction considerations

1. wire gabion stone used in the construction of stone or stone usually small pieces of stone, the cage should be placed in a small stone or placed in a layer of willow branches, to prevent the missing stones.

2. gabion net should be thrown on the main dam on the span and the first part of the dam to clean the harsh places.

3. before throwing the cage, you should find out the slope of the status of stone, to decide to put throwing throwing position. If you want to throw the address bumpy or lower slope too steep, you should first throw a loose bulk stone, and then throw the cage.

4. Stone cage network usually installed at the top of the root stone seal, the use of channeling or crowbar, so smooth into the water, not too high, to prevent the smashed cage.

5. to discharge row of stones to be light, not violently smashing, tight with tight stone row, small stone fill open space. If it is a square cage, first install the corners and then reload center; if the cage is the same as the cylinder and Liu Zhen Liu arranged in a cylinder, and then sealed sturdy.

6. wire gabion net cage should be thrown from the bottom up, try to prevent the cage and cage joints lax appearance. If the conditions permit, but also downstream from the downstream after throwing the first layer and then throw the second layer, so that the upper and lower halves of each other mistakes stubble.

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