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The purpose of gabion net

First, the role of stone cage: Retaining wall

Cages made of retaining walls and laying of the slope protection, cage filled with material for the loose body, there are more pores, which is conducive to the filling of masonry after filling and pore water in the soil under the slope, once the surface water Infiltration of soil, you can use the faster mound of the rolling, effectively lowering the open water level, thereby reducing the pressure behind the wall and the blatant water pressure, green grid structure in the landslide and debris flow prevention and control projects, water and timely Tilting down the wall damage the probability of destruction, while the wall deformation ability can be a good body to ease the argument that the external force hit. Gabion is widely used to exert pressure on a scale that can be set and changed according to the surface device, and at the same time, they must have an abundance of rock-stone components and other gabion components placed on them, Can afford rain erosion, still maintain the structural integrity.

Second, the role of stone cage network: bridge network

Gabion can be used in the bridge or bridge side, play a solid foundation or solid soil around the role. The gabion cage body is a "cage group" composed of a plurality of cages. The mesh wires have a strong tensile strength, and a strong protective structure is formed between the cages and the tonic materials. The use of the repression interval reduces the space between the stones Of the movement, effectively enhance the stability of the structure, with the growth of time, the effectiveness of gabion will be more obvious.

Third, the role of stone cage network: embankment protection

Gabion with long-term corrosion resistance, can be used for mountain, riverbanks, wetlands and coastlines and other geological formations, you can long-term slope protection. Mesh mat with long-term anti-corrosion, can be used in emergency situations, is an enhanced device, our mat has sufficient toughness and space, you can firmly plant root system, beneficial to plant growth.

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