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The knowledge of the gabion in river course

1. Slope revetment: Reinforced embankment of the package of plastic cage cages, usually inside the dam, mainly in the river when the rapid pace of the river, the river washed stone cage network, rather than directly erosion of the embankment, so reduce the river Dam damage.

2. Settlement of soil: in the cage above, spread a layer of soil, you can grow grass; naturally will sink dust, natural growth weeds and so on.

3. Control and guide rivers and floods: rivers will generally flow along the river, if the flood, water is huge, rapids, the water will be inertia, will violently impact the original river and dam, it is possible to divert the river , Causing a great disaster.

In order to reduce the rapid flow of water to divert the embankment, in the inner side of the embankment or the edge of the river trough, pagoda cage or gabion mats, the surging river water directly impact the cage cage or gabion mat, so to protect the embankment or River trough. River in the curved river, due to encounter plastic cage cages or coated gabion mats, the river will turn, along the inherent river flow can be safe to guide the river. The gabion is also applied to the spillway dam and the dam, which serves to guide or constrain the flood.

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