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The advantage of the gabion cage

1, Ge Bin stone cage construction is simple. Can be folded cage cage transport, the site can be easily installed; than the water conservancy preservation of rigid concrete construction construction is more simple, fast and not affected by climate, environmental factors affected.

2, gabbler cage can be closely integrated into one, with ductility and flexibility, can withstand high-intensity pressure, can accept a wide range of deformation without cracking characteristics, and its selection of concrete pouring water conservancy rigid structure With a flexible protective system, can not resist the damage caused by uneven settlement on the ground.

3, Ge Bin stone cage construction process selection is more convenient, just put the stone into the cages can be sealed.

The use of the gabion cage

Gobbin cages are suitable for seaside defense works, river protection, landscaping, etc., and can also be used for slope support, excavation, rock surface fire concrete slope vegetation (green), dam and seawall erosion protection And reservoirs, river closure and so on. In addition, it is also mainly used for river, bank slope, subgrade slope slope protection structure. Can avoid the river by water, storm invasion and damage, but also completed the water and the slope of the natural convection between the soil function, to achieve ecological balance. Slope green can increase the landscape, landscaping effect.

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