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Simplify the process: steel mesh is already forming the finished product, can be used directly, eliminating the need for straightening, cutting, placing, fixed time, so that simplifies the construction process to shorten the construction period

quality improvement:

1. First, the spacing between the steel bars in the vertical and horizontal, the stiffness and the number of bars is accurate, to avoid the manual placement caused by the spacing error, and the fixed is the phenomenon of leakage

2. Reinforcing steel mesh is made of mechanical welding, the solder joint strength is higher, more resilient, strong ability to break. But also to avoid the construction process caused by artificial stampede deformation movement phenomenon

3. Reinforcing steel mesh is made of vertical and horizontal steel welded into a mesh, can be evenly distributed in the cement concrete, the force will be more uniform, but also to enhance the bond with the concrete force, to avoid cracks in concrete

Saving steel: the first use of materials, the use of a higher strength of the steel, with the area under the circumstances can reduce the amount of steel bars followed by steel wire is a mechanical welding to avoid the waste of artificial materials

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