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Is the importance of the galvanized layer of the galvanized gabion cage?

Galvanized stone cage cage layout for slope protection or retaining wall works in rivers with large flow rates, strong anti-erosion ability. According to relevant tests, the galvanized gabion net cage layout has an impact coefficient that is twice that of the normal riprap protection engineering. Affected by the erosion of the water stream, even if the stones in the galvanized gabion cage are displaced, a new balance will occur in the deformed cage layout, and the integrity will not be damaged. The layout of galvanized gabion cages is flexible. There are certain open spaces filled with stones or other materials in the cages. When the waves oscillate on the peaks, the sprays are damaged and the impact of wave pressure is reduced; when the peaks of the wind retire, Zinc-plated gabion cages have free space, which damages the vacuum suction of the wind waves and reduces the damage to the protective works. In addition, the overall layout can be fine-tuned when the wind wave force acts, which can effectively prevent cracks in the walls.

A: Galvanized stone cage cage anti-corrosion function is much greater than the general steel wire, because the speed of corrosion of galvanized stone cage cage is relatively low, so the galvanized gabion cage of the best selection of galvanized steel wire information.

Second: The more galvanized layers, the greater the corrosion resistance and the lower the corrosion rate. Therefore, several layers of zinc in the galvanized gabion cage can be an excellent barrier to corrosion of the gabion.

Three: The uniformity of the coating. The coating is annularly dispersed on the outer surface of the steel wire, and the plating technology wire with poor production technology is thick on one side, while the control point on the service life is thin.

Four: The degree of plating of the firmness. Once the coating breaks, the galvanized gabion cage is simply eroded. Because the galvanized gabion cages are twisted and woven, the need for plating firmness is high. Therefore, the galvanized layer of the galvanized gabion cage is very important.

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