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How to ensure the flexibility and permeability of gabion

Reservoir after the storm, the river scouring, a long time there will be the risk of collapse, then let the cage cage factory to tell you how to avoid reservoir collapse.

According to the situation of bank collapse to distinguish: because the reservoir shoreline across the field geological conditions of the difference, resulting in a different type, planning and mechanism of collapse, so the bank collapse management project should have a strong for the sex, can not blindly start Or blindly adopt a kind of prevention and control project approach, the right medicine, comprehensive management.

Stone cage network can be used for the protection of the embankment, perhaps the entire river and river protection, more suitable for the original bank slope is relatively slow river. To describe the dry water for the sector, the upper part of the slope protection works, the lower part of the foot engineering. The slope protection project is to repair the original bank slope and then lay the slope of the slope filter layer and the ecological grid pad surface layer, in order to avoid water erosion, wave impact, water level changes and groundwater exudation corrosion and other surface damage Foot engineering is the use of impact data cast on the foot of the slope near the water tank, constitute the maintenance layer, to avoid the flow of Amoy brush, arrived at the foundation of the intention to maintain the embankment. The greatest strength of the Lhasa system is ecology, its internal filling is a natural stone, there is a gap between the stone, which allows the plant to grow in it, but also for the cultivation of suitable plants on it, with engineering slope and plant slope The two layers of effectiveness. Ecological grid pad for the height of 15cm ~ 50cm in the combination, mostly for the distance from the mesh into a multi-box box.

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