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How is the gabion cage used in the ocean?

Pipeline breaks will affect the living environment of the surrounding residents. Anti-scouring protection needs to consider the effect of the underwater environment on equipment in the ocean, such as wave effects and water activity shocks. Pipeline underwater protection device skills are also necessary to ponder.

Pre-filled stone gabion cages are placed underneath and adjacent to the building to provide supportive effects and suitable conditions for protection. According to this project, ecological gabion cages are placed on pre-filled stones and underwater equipment to resist corrosion. The ecological gabion cages are pre-filled with stones, placed on pontoons and assembled using gantry cranes. After the barge arrives at the top of the pipeline, the ecological gabion cage is placed into the water using a crane and placed at the appropriate position with the assistance of a diver.

The gabion cages can be used for the construction of water control structures in the ocean, as well as the protection of some marine equipment such as communication lines in the sea, petroleum transportation pipelines and sewage discharge pipelines. These devices can be damaged by the effects of wind-induced water activity.

The gabion cage wire layout uses high galvanizing and outsourcing of PVC data so that the grid's lifespan will exceed 50 years. The pre-populated grid layout can reduce underwater construction, and all gabion cages are assembled and filled with stones on the construction site and directly installed underwater to speed up construction. The grid layout provides protection against occasional effects for the pipeline, such as reducing the length of anchoring of the ship and avoiding the effect of anchoring on the pipeline.

The gabion cage is also considered to be an ecological grid. Due to the fact that the eco-grid layout is well-equipped underwater, plants are present in the rocky open space of the mesh. The layout of the gabion cages is beneficial to the underwater ecological environment. There are green plants that can have ecological balance. Launch the gabion cages, launch green plants, and initiate eco-environmental protection!

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