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Gabion pad has six aspects of product advantages

1. Ecological Function: The pores in gabion mesh pad create the conditions for the flow of water body, which is conducive to the natural exchange between water and soil, creating a living environment for water organisms and microorganisms, thereby enhancing the self-purification capacity of water body and protecting Improves the water quality and water quality Filling material Pore Laying soil or naturally deposited soil through artificial laying creates conditions for greenery and vegetation, grows plants naturally even without sprinkling seeds, optimizes and beautifies environment, improves and restores ecology surroundings.

2, the water permeable function: with gabion cages built into the retaining wall and the laying of the slope protection, cages filled material for the loose body, there are more pores, which is conducive to the masonry after filling and slope protection in the soil The discharge of pore water, once the infiltration of surface water into the soil, can be used to quickly discharge the masonry, effectively reducing the water table, thereby reducing the pressure behind the wall and the groundwater under the slope. Green grid structure In the landslide control and debris flow prevention and control projects, the timely discharge of water reduces the risk of wall damage, while the wall deformation capacity can effectively buffer sudden external impact.

3, stable function: Twisted grid structure, local damage, will not cause the overall damage crates. Green Grid has moderate deformation characteristics of the mesh, the entire project even into the whole, without sub-seam, even if there is uneven subsidence, the overall structure will not produce cracks or serious problems.

4, simple construction: green grid technology according to the intent of the design, the factory production of semi-finished products, the construction site is assembled according to the design stereotypes, and then laying in the well-organized slope or excavation of a good foundation pit shop Into the slope protection or brick wall into a cage retaining wall, filling filling, with the cover Serve. Simple operation By climate interference is small, and suitable for mechanized operation, you can ensure the construction quality and speed up the progress of the project. In a construction unit construction process, due to the impact of the weather, the construction unit will be masonry stone wall workers transferred over to do green grid slope protection.

5, beautiful effect: green grid structure easy combination and color diversity, we can provide a wide range of structural design, to meet the landscape requirements of different regions. At the same time combined with planting lawn, the kind of flowers presented to us will be a green retaining wall or slope protection.

6, the service life: Galvanized steel, PVC, Galvanized, stainless steel and other technology, the steel surface coating more stable, can effectively reduce the network of oxidation, corrosion resistance, anti-static, anti-aging, antioxidant properties, Longer life.

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