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Characteristics of the grid

(1) natural permeability: gabion cage filled with more pores between the material which is conducive to the structure of the filling after the pore water discharge, reduce the soil pore water pressure, soil shear strength, Which is beneficial to the stability of the whole structure. At the same time, it saves the relevant cost of the drainage facilities required by the traditional retaining structure and reduces the overall cost of the structure.

(2) Vegetability: pore water in the cage cage is a natural exchange of water and soil, which makes the natural growth of vegetation a reality. After a period of time, the structure and nature really achieve harmony and unity. The

(3) long life: gabion raw materials for the 10 times the zinc-aluminum alloy steel wire, excellent process base coating thickness uniformity, corrosion resistance stronger, its service life of up to 70 years.

(4) economy: gabion protection works by the wire cage with filler material composition. The general cost is lower than the price of concrete, below or close to the price of masonry. Especially in the soil, the foundation of the poor sections of the construction of protective engineering, can reduce the large amount of foundation treatment costs, more reflect its low price advantage.

(5) construction is simple and convenient: gabion can be designed according to design intentions, factory production to produce semi-finished products, the construction site is assembled according to design drawings, easy to operate, subject to small climate interference, and suitable for mechanized operation, Quality and speed up the progress of the project.

(6) gabion classification: gabion cage, gabion mesh, gabion nets, stone cage cage.

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